The Fish Hatch

"The Fish Hatch: Posh fish and chips at the Imperial Hotel in Cork. Love it." The Irish Times, August 2011

The Menu

Fresh Cooked Fish & Chips To Go

  • Cod €8.50
  • Haddock €8.00
  • Hake €8.00
  • Smoked Haddock €8.50
  • Goujons of Salmon €9.50
  • Fillets of Plaice €9.50
  • Fishcakes €8.00

All served with Homemade Chips and Peas

Opening Hours

Sunday: 5.30pm - 12.00am

Monday - Thursday: 12.00pm - 3.00pm and 5.30pm - 12.00am

Friday - Saturday: 12.00pm - 3.00pm and 5.30pm - 01.00am

Imperial Hotel opens its seafood gem

The Imperial Hotel in the heart of Cork city has opened the Fish Hatch, a small but perfectly formed outlet for serving premium fish and chips to the wider public from its restaurant kitchen. Facing on to Pembroke Street, and with a very specific offering selling fresh fish, proper homemade chips and mushy peas with a hint of mint in cute little take away boxes the Fish Hatch is about getting fresh fish cooked to order to the public.

Owner John Flynn says “We’re a port city and should have easy access to really fresh fish cooked with respect. The Fish Hatch celebrates a great natural resource, only serving what’s fresh that day. The response has been great: it works for locals and guests alike, it’s a unique approach in very serious times”.

The baby blue canopy on Pembroke Street shelters a cosy waiting space with floor to ceiling blue mosaic, a single blackboard listing a limited menu of what is fresh each day including Cod, Hake, Haddock, house fishcakes and a sustainable fish option. 

General Manager Joe Kennedy goes on to say “The Fish Hatch isn’t somewhere where you can order a bag of chips, we aren’t in that business. We wanted to do something different in the current market, there aren’t many places in Ireland where you place your order and then watch your fresh fish being dusted in seasoned flour, a light batter and then quickly cooked in front of you. It’s a lot healthier that way and tastes completely different to the usual fish and chips experience. Our delicious mushy peas alone are reason enough to make the trip!”

The Fish Hatch at the Imperial Hotel is open seven days a week from noon to late.

Imperial Fish Hatch

Imperial Fish Hatch

Imperial Fish Hatch