Aveda Hand & Foot Treats

Caribbean Therapy Hand Treatment

1hr 15min

A nurturing hand treatment that uses the healing touch and plant ingredients of the Caribbean to improve the condition of nails, cuticles and hands. A special exfoliating paste and a warm seaweed and ginger masque combined with Caribbean massage techniques smooth, soften, relax and renew tired hands. This treatment includes an application of polish.

Aveda Luxury Spa Manicure

1hr 15min

A rejuvenating manicure that includes proper maintenance and grooming of nails and cuticles, personalised massage and customised exfoliation. This treatment includes a nail buff and an application of your choice of polish. Maintenance Manicure 30 mins Nail file and polish.

Shellac Manicure

1 hr

Introducing the Shellac Manicure - Say goodbye to smudging and chipping! This 14 day wear manicure will ensure a flawless, high shine finish in zero drying time. Enjoy an application of Aveda hand relief cream, followed by cuticle work, nail file and an expertly applied shellac polish. This revolutionary manicure uses a gel overlay on the natural nail which is highly resilient and will not damage the natural nail bed. Removal is complimentary when booked with your next Shellac manicure.

Caribbean Therapy Foot Treatment*

1hr 15min

Designed to rejuvenate and nurture tired feet. Improve the condition of the nails, cuticles and feet with a special exfoliating paste, warm seaweed and ginger masque, combined with Caribbean massage techniques which allow you to relax and renew the senses. This treatment includes an application of polish.

Executive Spa Pedicure*

1hr 15min

Complete indulgence. Experience the Aveda Luxury Spa Pedicure while having four areas of the body gently massaged as you relax in our pedicure chair. Aveda Luxury Spa Pedicure* 1hr 15min Indulge your feet with an Aveda spa pedicure. Feel the release of tension with our unique sea salt exfoliation and a reflex foot massage. The Aveda spa pedicure leaves your feet feeling soft, smooth and revitalised. This treatment includes an application of polish.

Green Science Manicure

1hr 15min

Powerful plant ingredients visibly renew and repair aging skin. Generating skin protection from environmental aggressors and increasing barrier strength. Improves skin smoothness, tone and clarity while you lift and firm skin, target age spots and reduce lines and wrinkles. Maintenance Pedicure* 30min Nail file and polish.

*Denotes that a 15min consultation and foot ritual is built into treatment time  

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